Metaverse World partners UKISS Technology to deliver 'Elite 500' NFTs with Hugware.

Metaverse World to deliver ‘Elite 500’ NFTs with UKISS Hugware®

Metaverse World Pte. Ltd., the creator of Metaverse Thailand, the most talked-about Web3 project in Southeast Asia, is set to unveil Metaverse Elite 500, a collection of upscale offices residing in the metaverse for the next generation of entrepreneurs and business moguls. 

The collection of 500 NFTs will give holders the opportunity to own a lavish digital office in the metaverse representation of Singapore’s Sentosa Cove enclave. The lush, coastal town will be reimagined and digitally mapped onto the Spatial metaverse platform, with each elite virtual office decked in impeccable architecture, sophisticated interior furnishings and a luxury automobile. 

Each Metaverse Elite 500 NFT represents a single office and is shaped in a hexagon. The NFTs will be minted on the BNB Chain on November 11 and priced at USD 1,111 each. The sale will open for 11 days to China, followed by Singapore, Thailand and the rest of the world. Holders will receive a virtual office space in the metaverse along with a real-world business incorporation and an actual office address registered in Singapore. Common metaverse spaces where holders can host virtual conferences, events, functions, and meetings, will also be available for lease. Further exclusive privileges include token generation services and annual memberships to sightseeing jet and yacht services in Thailand. The total value of utilities enjoyed by the Metaverse Elite 500 NFT holder is worth more than USD 5,000.

Metaverse Elite 500 is made possible by partnerships between A Plus Fintech, the financial technology firm that developed Metaverse Thailand and owner of Metaverse World, MVP Coin project operator Multitechnology Expert, virtual environment creator ERECTRUS, geospatial company Giant Causeway, and Web3 security firm UKISS Technology.

Parin Sathianpagilanagorn, CEO Multitechnology Expert Co., Ltd.; Paul Wan, Co-Founder A Plus Fintech Pte. Ltd. and Global Chairman of Morison Global; Ben Chan, Director UKISS Technology; Chewin Sirisak, CEO Erectrus Pte. Ltd.; Pongsakorn Udombua CEO Giant Causeway Pte. Ltd.

High-grade NFT security with UKISS Hugware® and U-Mint

All Metaverse Elite 500 NFTs will be delivered together with the UKISS Hugware hardware wallet to ensure high-grade security and protection against crypto security threats. Hugware is a revolutionary cold wallet that equips users with a backup device for easy self-authentication whenever users need to reset passwords or synchronise keys for asset recovery. This trailblazing technology moves away from the traditional backing up of digital assets through recovery phrases, which are prone to human errors, phishing, and theft. 

Those who purchase a Metaverse Elite 500 NFT will have a set of Hugware delivered to their doorstep for them to generate their private key for the first time. Through the UKISS Hub application, they can access the U-Mint feature and claim their virtual office NFT, which will subsequently appear in their UKISS Wallet crypto account. 

About A Plus Fintech

Established in 2016, A Plus Fintech Pte Ltd., is a financial technology company that primarily focuses on the adoption and investment in Metaverse and Blockchain technology. A Plus Fintech has invested in and partnered with the MVP Coin project, Thailand’s first travel service token, as well as Metaverse Thailand, a premium virtual platform that employs actual maps developed with Hexagon technology.

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ERECTRUS Pte. Ltd. is a metaverse value creator, providing top-notch Metaverse architecture and design development services, enabling an immersive and engaging user experience in the Web3 world.

It has been recognised as Spatial’s first Thailand-based trusted 3D Agency and the market leader in customer-oriented design and project management to make desired metaverse a reality. Its clients include individuals, universities, tourism and hospitality firms, as well as government bodies. Some of the notable projects ERECTRUS embarked on include Metaverse Thailand, Metaverse Dubai and THG MetaPark.

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About Giant Causeway

Giant Causeway Pte. Ltd. specialises in geospatial development. Its main platform – Vallaris Maps – is a tool that allows users to store, analyze, and visualize geospatial data. Giant Causeway is embarking on its next project to create the main hexagonal map of Metaverse Singapore.

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About Multitechnology Expert

A partner of A Plus Fintech, Multitechnology Expert launched Thailand’s first Travel Service token – MVP Coin – that powers an exclusive tourism and hospitality ecosystem, providing holders access to a wide range of travel and entertainment services through a decentralised and secure platform.

MVP Coin, is a transferable representation of attributed utility functions specified in the protocol/code of the MVP (M Vision PCL) ecosystem, and which is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token for tourism-related services such as hotels and caravans within the MVP ecosystem, as well as to purchase digital lands on Metaverse Global platforms.

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About UKISS Technology 

UKISS Technology is a Web3 security startup from Singapore. The team of experienced tech, security, and business veterans are making Web3 adoption safe, secure and easy for the masses. They have created Hugware®, a revolutionary hardware wallet that synchronises private keys to a backup device so that users can access fast wallet recovery while protecting themselves from seed phrase errors, phishing, or theft.

Hugware is also a multi-purpose cold wallet that will soon come with its dedicated $KISS-fueled ecosystem of decentralised security applications. The device that secures crypto assets offline can also encrypt files and, soon, connect users to a wide range of decentralised services, making self-custody of assets and data possible.

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