ASPC Edition Hugware w/ Anti Seed Phrase Club NFT

  • Authentication Key (A-Key)
  • Rescue Key (R-Key)
  • UKISS USB hub
  • ASPC Mystery Box surprise gift
  • One year U-Archive subscription 

Buy an ASPC Edition Hugware to mint your Anti Seed Phrase Club Alien NFT and participate in the ASPC Mystery Box Instant, Weekly, Grand and Ultimate Draws. Mint your NFT on the UKISS Hub app and connect your wallet to the ASPC Mystery Box portal to redeem prizes.

Terms and conditions apply.

*For Android users only.

H2 logo

H2 Bundle

  • Hugware Set
    • Authentication Key (A-Key)
    • Rescue Key (R-Key)
  • One-year U-Archive subscription
  • UKISS USB hub

Your crypto-safe space is about to get bigger! Upgraded with the H2 chip, Hugware H2 supports networks that apply the ED25519 cryptographic algorithm (i.e., Solana and Cardano). Manage ED25519 blockchain cryptocurrencies and NFTs on UKISS Hub.



Lock your files in your computer or in the cloud with U-Archive (for Windows) and Hugware®. More about U-Archive

Note: U-Archive must be used with Hugware, which stores the keys to your encrypted folders. A software license key will be delivered directly to your inbox after your Hugware purchase. Don’t have Hugware? Get one.

Organise your encrypted folders with U-Archive

Store them in your local drive or in the cloud.

Lock them up with Hugware

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