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Supercharging oracles to provide blockchains better, faster, accurate, and more secure off-chain data.

TOOL Global

TOOL Global is on a mission to digitally transform businesses in line with blockchain developments, including decentralised finance, setting up a decentralised autonomous organisation, and more.


As a Silver Business Partner with IBM, we are developing innovative solutions for mainframe customers while enabling enterprises and individuals to access top-notch solutions for emerging technologies.
UKISS Partner Principal Strategic

Principal Strategic

Elite blockchain business advisory firm offering tailored solutions and innovative marketing ideas.


Jupyton is a Trust and Provenance Engine for identity transactions, secure signing and intelligence.
UKISS Partner Sheesha Finance

Sheesha Finance

A leading DeFi mutual fund that makes diversified premium cryptocurrency portfolio accessible and rewarding.
UKISS Partner BlocTech Investment Group

BlocTech Investment Group

BlocTech Investment Group is a Texas-based, research focused fund that invests in the future of blockchain, emerging technologies, and startups.
UKISS Partner CB Capital

CB Capital

A specialised investment banking firm founded in 2001 to bring innovative solutions through a disciplined application of diverse, institutional banking talents.
UKISS Partner DCT Capital

DCT Capital

A community-driven blockchain and cryptocurrency capital dedicated to raising funds for potential projects at the early stage, grow supporters and investors.
UKISS Partner Eastern Epic Capitals

Eastern Epic Capitals

A Singapore-based venture capital committed to introducing emerging technologies to the world.
UKISS Partner Trustpad


TrustPad is a decentralised multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors.
UKISS Launchpad Partner ScaleSwap


ScaleSwap is an IDO launchpad that provides fair and early access to highly-anticipated and exclusive tokens before they hit the market. It is a decentralised multi-chain fundraising platform, allowing high-quality offerings regardless of blockchain.


SafeLaunch offers funding opportunities in the seed, private sale, and IDO rounds of promising new projects. 

Creo Engine

Creo Engine is a gaming ecosystem for developers around the world to launch their games and for players to acquire assets by playing their in-house games.

RedShield Games

RedShield Games is an upcoming multiplayer and role playing game where players battle in a dystopian world riddled with viruses and deadly creatures. Players are able to acquire NFTs and virtual land packed with various functionalities.
UKISSxBlockchain Security Alliance

Blockchain Security Alliance

The Blockchain Security Alliance comprises industry partners with a shared mission to raise cybersecurity awareness, strengthen cooperation in the field of blockchain security and grow a sustainable and sound ecosystem. UKISS Technology joins members including Beosin, SUSS NiFT, NUS AIDF, Huawei Cloud, FOMO Pay, Coinhako, and Blockchain Association Singapore.