Digital currency of the
UKISS Decentralised Security Ecosystem.

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Seal the deal with $KISS

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Earn KISS Tokens through purchases and successful referrals. Use $KISS to offset your next purchase or hold it till we reach the moon.

UKISS Rewards

We’re rewarding KISS Tokens to those who purchase Hugware or join our referrals program.
Here’s how you can be a part of UKISS Rewards:
  • Buy Hugware (US$169) and receive 5% in KISS Tokens after you have created a UKISS account and registered your product.
  • Join our referrals program and earn 5%, 2%, or 1% in KISS Tokens across three tiers of successful purchases, respectively. To do so, buy Hugware, create a UKISS account and we’ll email you the referral code. Send that code to someone you think will purchase a UKISS product so you can start earning.

The KISS Token pre-IDO value is set at US$0.30.

UKISS Rewards
  UKISS Customer Referral Rewards
Referral Tier 1 5%
Referral Tier 2 2%
Referral Tier 3 1%


  What you earn
Your friend buys Hugware 5%
Your friend’s dad buys Hugware 2%
Your friend’s dad’s colleague buys Hugware 1%

According to the scenario above, you will earn 5% in KISS Tokens based on the amount your friend spent, followed by 3% of the amount your friend’s dad spent, and 2% of what your friend’s dad’s colleague spent.

If your friend decided not to buy anything, then you’ll earn 5% of what your friend’s dad spent, followed by 3% of what the colleague spent, and so on.

Easy peasy. Terms and conditions apply.


KISS Tokens has the potential to grow in value as the UKISS Decentralised Security Ecosystem expands. It will enable holders to access digital sovereignty solutions, participate in DAO decisions and enjoy shared growth.

What is the UKISS Decentralised Security Ecosystem?

The ecosystem aims to provide a variety of interconnected services for users to accelerate their self-sovereignty on the internet, putting them at the core of every virtual experience. Whether it be accessing the metaverse, making payments, managing assets, playing games, or trading digital commodities, the ecosystem ensures that those who hold the private key control the security of their assets, data, and identity.

Benefits of the ecosystem:
  • Decentralised authentication and verification
  • User-controlled asset management
  • Consent-based data sharing
  • Top-notch private key security
Explore our ecosystem’s potential.
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Token allocation

KISS Token allocation chart March 2022
KISS Token Allocation mobile

39% | 39 MIL

For mining (staking reward)

20% | 20 MIL

In Token sales

18% | 18 MIL

For the founding team

10% | 10 MIL

For initial liquidity / reserves

8% | 8 MIL

For marketing ops, tech development & incubation

5% | 5 MIL

For advisors and key personnels

KISS Tokens
are here