ASPC Mystery Box

Security meets fun in the ASPC Mystery Box experience

The UKISS team is proud to present our best Christmas present yet: the Anti Seed Phrase Club (ASPC) Mystery Box experience.

The ASPC Mystery Box is our way of making security fun and exciting! It allows players to own a phrase-free hardware wallet, mint their own ASPC NFT, and then stand a chance to win multiple prizes worth up to US$500,000 across four different lucky draws. It’s the first-of-its-kind NFT event, and we hope it won’t be the last.

The ASPC NFT is the ticket to the ASPC Mystery Box experience. With only 5,000 NFTs available in the collection, only 5,000 players can win in Instant Draws, Weekly Draws, Grand Draws, and the Ultimate Draw. Each NFT is soul-bound and cannot be transferred to another wallet.

To ensure a fair and transparent game for everyone, the entire ASPC Mystery Box experience is run by our U-Chance mechanism, which integrates Chainlink VRF’s verifiable random number generator to ensure unbiased outcomes when the winners are selected. The Beosin Blockchain Security team of experts successfully audited the U-Chance smart contract, which you can read more about in our Medium blog post.

ASPC Aliens

The ASPC NFT collection is represented by funky alien characters that want to take over Earth. They are wacky, colorful, and ironically relatable to humans. For example, the Beasts share their love for travel and enjoy exploring the Himalayas or the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The Fast Food aliens love comfort food and convenience, just like many of us. Each alien is unique and has five traits: background color, head, torso, upper limb, and lower limb. They are the creative brainchild of two talented artists from Singapore, Junyao Lin, and Malaysia, Jayee Lim. Lin is the founder of the Studio Ensemble creative agency (@studioensemble), while Lim is an established artist and illustrator with a prominent Instagram following (@jaygyii). Lim is also the creator of the vibrant MonKiddo world.

ASPC Edition Hugware

The ASPC Edition Hugware with ASPC NFT is now on sale globally at US$218. The wallet functions the same way as the UKISS Hugware but in notably colorful packaging and with an ASPC Alien NFT waiting to be minted through the U-Mint function on the UKISS Hub Android app.

We hope you’ll enjoy the ASPC Mystery Box experience. May the odds be in your favor!


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