Life is simpler without recovery phrases.

Safeguard and backup crypto assets with Hugware®.

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One hardware,
multiple uses.

UKISS Hugware Crypto Wallet


UKISS Hugware File Encryption


UKISS Hugware Identity Authentication


No recovery phrases

Patented in 20++ countries and markets.
5-year warranty

How it works

Hugware How It Works A-Key

Authentication Key (A-Key)

Meet the gatekeeper of your private keys.

Plug it into your device to provide authentication or confirm transactions.

Hugware How It Works R-Key

Rescue Key (R-Key)

This is your life-saving gizmo.

Plug it into your device to recover private keys in case you lose the Authentication-Key.

Seamless key pairing

Hugware is the first crypto hardware wallet in the world that comes with master seed synchronisation. This patented technology ensures that private keys are generated and stored in the hardware while enabling backups through device pairing. That way, the seed doesn’t have to be translated into recovery phrases or be exposed to human error, phishing, or theft. 

Hugware is the safest and simplest hardware wallet every crypto novice needs while providing a solid recovery plan for your investments. 


key pairing

UKISS Seamless Key Pairing

Your keys,
your rules

Your private keys can do more than authorise cryptocurrency transactions. We’re developing a self-sovereignty framework so you can maximise your private keys’ potential in providing you with 100% autonomy of your digital identity, user authentication, and data privacy.

The framework will leverage the game-changing capabilities of decentralised identifiers, verifiable credentials, blockchain technology, and more, putting the user and holder of the private key at the core of every virtual experience.

$KISS: Your
self-sovereignty token

Why $KISS?

– Access self-sovereignty solutions

– Enjoy low gas fees on the UKISS Blockchain

– Earn UKISS incentives and rewards

– High percentage yield

– Participate in DAO

UKISS Ecosystem
of Decentralised Security

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