UKISS Technology and TOOL Global held a Memorandum of Understanding Ceremony in July 2021.

How our TOOL Global partnership is taking UKISS to the next level

Have you ever seen that quote on the internet that says it’s more important to have a few real friends than a tonne of fake ones? Well, that’s kind of what our partnership with TOOL Global is all about. 

TOOL Global has been nothing short of a blessing for enterprises like UKISS Technology seeking growth through blockchain technologies. Just months after holding our virtual Memorandum of Understanding ceremony, UKISS is already elevating our business and the  Hugwareᵀᴹ patented technology solution to the next level. 

UKISS Technology was able to expand our vision for Hugware through our ongoing partnership with TOOL Global, which has been tremendously beneficial to us as a blockchain business incubator.  

Since the start of our partnership, TOOL Global became one of the main contributors during our seed investment round, while providing technological expertise in the development of the UKISS Wallet mobile application currently in its beta-testing phase. 

TOOL Global will soon become one of our leading distributors for Hugware and Suite of Digital Security Applications in China and the rest of Asia, enhancing market demand through aggressive promotion within its community.

After the success of our upcoming Hugware launch, we look forward to introducing our self-sovereign identity infrastructure, DID wallet application, and the UKISS blockchain. 

In the near future, Hugware can do more than provide maximum crypto and data security to the masses. It could also become a portable security tool for individuals to authenticate themselves across platforms including distributed ledger technologies. Imagine setting up a new life in the metaverse only to have your identity stolen along with all your virtual assets. Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Nah.

The onus is on nobody but you to be the independent authority of your own identification, whether it’s through non-fungible tokens or passports wrapped as Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and bound by Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs). The Hugware has the potential to secure these important digital documents and provide quick authentication to keep you moving through the world of Web3. 

Interested in getting the Hugware? Be an early adopter by registering here: 

For details on our 2022 game plan, explore our roadmap

More about TOOL Global

Established in 2018, TOOL Global is on a mission to digitally transform businesses in line with blockchain developments, including decentralised finance, setting up a decentralised autonomous organisation, and more. TOOL Global is behind the Digital Gold Chain alliance chain system dedicated to solving the development of the big data industry and empowering global enterprises to co-create and share data. 

TOOL Global is an initiative of WOLOT Foundation, a non-profit organisation championing self-governing business ecosystems. 

Watch the virtual ceremony:

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