UKISS Technology's Roadmap for 2022.

2022 ROADMAP: Here’s our game plan

How’s 2022 so far? Are you back in the office? Ready to start a post-pandemic life in the metaverse?


As briefly mentioned in our 2021 review, we have a slew of new achievements to unlock this year, and we thought we’d give you first dibs on what’s in store. 

First things first, our KISS Tokens are getting an upgrade. Other than being our very own digital currency and a native token for our upcoming blockchain, the KISS Token will also act as a governance token and the ticket to self-sovereign identity services. UKISS is formulating a structure for a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and look forward to sharing more in our revamped White Paper.


This humble blockchain project out of sunny Singapore is nearly set and ready for take-off, and we CAN’T WAIT.  We will launch progressively this year, as follows:

1st Quarter

The team is preparing to launch KISS Tokens to the public and list it on various decentralised and centralised exchanges. We’re grateful for the support we received during our private sales last year, which was a huge first step to making the UKISS blockchain ecosystem a reality. 

Those who registered their interest in the UKISS HugwareTM can look forward to getting their hands on them. Our revolutionary hardware wallet (*whispers* with no recovery phrases) is launching this quarter, starting with Singapore and China. We’re still working on making the UKISS Hub device manager (desktop macOS and Windows) accessible to everyone. The UKISS crypto wallet app will run on mobile (Android). Stay tuned for the product sales launch on our website.  

Helping U Keep It Safe and Secure is more than just making hardware wallets. The UKISS ecosystem will also provide a suite of self-sovereign identity and security applications. Two of those applications, U-Hide and U-Archive, are expected to be released this quarter. Respectively, they will allow users to easily encrypt frequently accessed files on their devices and those stored on the cloud.

UKISS is also expanding our team to meet the growing demands of digital security and self-sovereign identity. The bigger the goal, the bigger the workforce.


2nd Quarter

We will roll out our third software, U-Protect (for desktop macOS and Windows), to provide further encryption protection to users. 

UKISS is also eyeing expansion in more Southeast Asian markets as we prepare for other significant launches.

3rd Quarter

We will introduce the U-Guard software, a much-needed application, that will encrypt login information across online applications, accounts and devices. The Hugware will also be updated with a PIN guardian service that quickly recovers the Rescue-Key. 

Spicing up our third quarter is the unveiling of our Self-Sovereign Identity framework. The backbone of our decentralised identity management services will empower individuals with the ability to rely on themselves for the protection of their personal data. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming White Paper 2.0. 

More expansions will take place in this quarter. We’re excited to launch in more major markets and expand access to our hardware and software solutions.

4th Quarter

We’re hoping to end the year with a bang! UKISS has our eyes set on Series A Funding, the launch of the UKISS blockchain, and expanding our decentralised identity applications.

Before we bid adieu to the year, we will also join forces with other industry players and form an alliance known as the Asia Decentralised Security Association, or ADSA, so as to champion decentralised technologies and incubate relevant projects.

UKISS is dedicated to growing an Ecosystem that offers a suite of digital security solutions. Follow UKISS Technology on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram for more information about Web3 and decentralised security.

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