UKISS Technology partners SupraOracles.

UKISS Technology partners SupraOracles to deliver fast, secure DeFI services to Hugware wallet users

Singapore’s first easy-to-use hardware wallet will protect crypto assets and connect users to top-of-the-line decentralised finance services.

Ahead of the launch of the UKISS HugwareTM, UKISS Technology is thrilled to announce our partnership with SupraOracles to power the UKISS Hub one-stop application for decentralised finance (DeFi) services. 

SupraOracles is a Switzerland-based startup that thrives on providing high throughput cross-chain communication to ensure that smart contracts are properly executed across networks with accurate data. This is a crucial process that helps to minimise hacks and cyberattacks, particularly those that exploit vulnerable smart contracts in the DeFi space. 

UKISS Hub is a convenient and unhosted platform secured by patented Hugware technology, granting users access to a suite of digital security applications as well as a range of DeFi services, including crypto-asset transfers. 

Our soon-to-be-released revolutionary hardware wallet comprises a pair of cryptographic devices that protects private keys, assets, identity, data, and documents without requiring recovery phrases. Crypto investors can simply plug the hardware into their devices and securely connect to the UKISS Hub. 

As a high throughput cross-chain layer-1 oracle, SupraOracles is developing one of the fastest and most secure services in the market, ensuring a safe and efficient experience for UKISS users. 

UKISS will continue to synergise with SupraOracles on future developments, especially in decentralised identities. We are developing Hugware into a reliable source of decentralised identity information to accommodate verification processes and Know-Your-Customer protocols. 

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles was founded in 2018 as a project of Entropy Foundation. The blockchain oracle helps businesses bridge real-world data to public and private chains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to automate, simplify and ultimately secure the future of financial markets. 

About UKISS Hugware

UKISS Hugware is a revolutionary hardware wallet protecting private keys, assets, identity, data, and documents. Unlike other hardware wallets in the market, the Hugware comprises a pair of cryptographic keys that authenticate ownership of private keys (Authentication-Key) and retrieve passwords (Rescue-Key) in the case of loss or theft without requiring 24-word recovery phrases. The Hugware technology is patented in more than 20 countries and significant markets such as China, the United States, Asia Pacific, and Europe. 

About UKISS Technology

Incorporated in 2021, UKISS Technology is a Singapore-based startup led by veterans in blockchain, fintech, and IT industries. The team is on a mission to grow an Ecosystem that offers a suite of digital security solutions catering to crypto, blockchain, the metaverse, and emerging technologies. 

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