A Hugware hardware wallet still in its packaging.

UKISS Tech holds inaugural event for Hugware® hardware wallet

UKISS Technology held an inaugural event on Saturday (Apr. 23) for guests to test out the Hugware® hardware wallet.

Most attendees at the intimate gathering gave positive reviews about the Hugware, such as the product’s user-friendliness, stylish design, and quick set up process. Guests also witnessed the premiere of UKISS Hugware’s commercial and tutorial videos, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony in celebration of our first anniversary.

We then wrapped up the event by announcing our partnership with Jupyton, a technology company that enables decentralised trust and provenance for Web 3.0.

In his opening speech, James Gan, CEO of UKISS Tech, said: “I’m grateful to all of our investors and partners for believing in the UKISS mission to decentralise security for everyone. There’s still a lot of work ahead of us and many other exciting developments for UKISS this year. But today, our chapter begins with Hugware.” 

Positive reviews

In our event survey, most of our guests expressed how easy it was to use the Hugware. One of the reasons was that they did not have to jot down a 12- to 24-word recovery phrase as part of the device set up process.

“The user interface is smooth, and the implementation of the R-Key (Rescue-Key) is a great replacement for the seed phrase,” one of the respondents said. Some also described UKISS Hub as “intuitive.”

Overall, respondents indicated that their impression of the Hugware was either “positive” or “really positive.” Around 90% even said that they may recommend the product to someone they know.

Through our partnership with Jupyton, we look forward to developing cutting edge decentralised solutions that will expand Hugware’s capabilities. We will announce further details on this partnership in due course. 

About Hugware

Hugware is the world’s first crypto hardware wallet that implements a rescue device to back up the master seed. Hence, users will not have to write down phrases or store their phrase sheets for wallet recovery purposes. When used with the UKISS Suite of Digital Security Applications, Hugware functions as a personal encryption tool for various files, including media assets and large folders. 

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