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How do I retrieve my PIN using a PIN Backup code?

If you have forgotten your PIN but have created a backup code for it, you must retrieve the code from where you store it. Then, follow the instructions below to retrieve and reset your PIN and create a backup for the new PIN.

These instructions are only for those who have created a backup code for the PIN. You may try the Reset PIN function if you do not have a backup code.

Pick up the Authentication or Rescue Key for this operation

We assume this is the key you forgot the PIN to, but have a backup code.

Open UKISS Hub. In Hugware Manager, select PIN Backup.

Select Retrieve PIN

View your backup code and copy it

Recover PIN

  • In the available field, paste the code.
  • If you are retrieving your PIN on an Android mobile device, you may scan the QR code or upload a screenshot of the QR code instead.

Create new PIN

Back up the new PIN

Create a backup code for the new PIN.


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