Meta-Utopians can now secure digital assets with a specially designed Hugware.

Special edition Meta-Utopia Hugware is here

Our special edition Meta-Utopia Hugware is here! Members of the metaverse community can now get their hands on a set of Hugware engraved with the Meta-Utopia logo.

Each set comes with a holographic Meta-Utopia sticker pasted onto the foil packaging. Inside the box, recipients will find the Authentication Key emblazoned with the white colored logo and the Rescue Key in black. There is also an exclusive introduction card containing more information about Meta-Utopia and Hugware.

What’s Meta-Utopia?

Meta-Utopia is a community-driven project with a mission to build a virtual world known as Utopia in the Sandbox metaverse platform. The development will happen in three phases under the supervision of a DAO, 54 Meta-Utopia city owners, and 486 ministers. This exciting new world hopes to provide a sustainable virtual ecosystem, a peaceful environment for its citizens, and a space to grow and learn about decentralization, financialization, and fractionalization. The community also looks forward to accessing DeFi protocols, DEX, NFTs, and tokens within this virtual ecosystem.

Reason for collaboration

The collaboration between Meta-Utopia and UKISS Technology aims to enhance the security and management of virtual assets within the Meta-Utopia community. For example, UKISS Technology’s Web3 security solutions could be integrated into the Meta-Utopia platform to provide users with secure and easy-to-use storage as well as trading of their virtual assets. UKISS Technology’s hardware wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets could all be a part of the Meta-Utopia world.

How can I get my hands on the Meta-Utopia Hugware?

You can purchase the Meta-Utopia Hugware through the Meta-Utopia DApp, priced at 500 USDT. Those who purchase the wallet through the Meta Utopia DApp will enjoy additional benefits such as ecosystem rewards.

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