UKISS Technology Partners RedShield Games

Securing GameFi: UKISS Technology partners RedShield Games

UKISS Technology is excited to announce a partnership with RedShield Games, an upcoming thrilling game that lets players acquire digital assets while battling it out in a dystopian world. 

RedShield Games is coming to the Avalanche blockchain, a network that will soon be supported by the UKISS Wallet and Hugware®. The ecosystem built around this game comprises a decentralised exchange, a marketplace, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for various gaming assets such as “Champions,” “Symbions,” and “Bunkers.”

The RedShield ecosystem also provides opportunities to own virtual land, known as “Shelters,” which players can use in the RedShield Universe for specific functions such as providing resources and protection from villains. 

The ecosystem will be powered by two tokens. One of which is the RedShieldX Token, or RSX, which holders can use to purchase valuable and unique NFTs as well as in-game buffs, or participate in liquidity and staking. Holders can exchange the RSX Token for RedShieldX Gold (RSX Gold) to purchase in-game resources and “Recruitment Potion.”

NFT gaming is revolutionising the industry and UKISS Technology is ready to help gamers secure their assets and winnings with Hugware, a game-changing crypto hardware wallet designed with its own recovery process. 

Nikitha Karrai, Chief Technology Officer of RedShield Games, says: “Securing our personal physical belongings comes almost naturally to all of us. But when it comes to digital security, it’s typically more of an afterthought. By partnering with UKISS, we hope to bring the best in security to our gamer community, giving them the means to simplify security adoption. As they say, prevention is better than cure, right?” 

James Gan, Chief Executive Officer, UKISS Technology, says: “We are excited to make asset security easily achievable and manageable for the GameFi community. I believe this partnership with RedShield Games will be a meaningful starting point for two companies that have aligned beliefs about the importance of gaming security.”

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