U-Archive launch on Sep. 30

Coming soon: Encrypt files with Hugware® and U-Archive

The world’s first seed phrase-free hardware wallet is about to get better. 

Come Sep. 30, UKISS Technology will launch U-Archive, an easy-to-use file encryption software that protects files from unauthorised access and data breaches. 

U-Archive leverages highly secure AES-256 encryption with a key generated and stored in Hugware to encrypt files in the computer or the cloud, allowing users to hold the keys to their encrypted files while enjoying storage flexibility.

With Hugware’s patented recovery mechanism, users can also turn to the self-authenticating Rescue Key to recover access to their encrypted files or reset passwords. With U-Archive, there’s no such thing as keeping a secret key, a recovery key, or recovery phrases to restore lost files. Just connect your Rescue Key. 

More U-Archive features:

  • Multi-cloud sync
  • Portable mode-enabled
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Self-authenticating recovery

In a nutshell, U-Archive makes on-the-fly encryption possible in four steps: 

  1. Launch U-Archive on your computer
  2. Connect the same Hugware Authentication Key used to secure cryptocurrencies. 
  3. Create a drive folder on your computer and add files that need to be encrypted.
  4. Disconnect Hugware, and the encrypted folder will automatically disappear!

Hugware users will receive a two-year complimentary subscription to the state-of-the-art software. Subsequently, users will pay an annual subscription.

For more details on U-Archive, stay tuned for updates on Twitter (@UKISSTech) and all other official social media channels. In the meantime, Hugware users can look forward to U-Archive’s official launch on Sep. 30!

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