The UKISS Ecosystem: Your Digital Assets In Safe Hands

Introducing The UKISS Ecosystem

We are not just building a new asset. We are building a new world. 

Your digital assets are yours alone. They are your identity, reputation, brand equity and the sum of all your activities. But today, you don’t have full control over that.

As more of our personal information, business data and valuable assets go digital, there are increasing opportunities for hackers to gain access to important information, including cryptocurrency private keys, social security numbers and other valuable data.

In the booming market of cryptocurrency, hacks have been a huge problem. In addition to being able to steal from exchange sites, hackers have been targeting wallets and individual users as well.

With our patented UKISS Technology, it’s security that pays off.

Our ecosystem empowers individuals with full control of their digital assets, while increasing its value. Each actor in this ecosystem fuels the other, so growth is shared among all.

Hot wallet, cold wallet? We are cooler than that.

Wallet technology has been stagnant for years. As a result, UKISS Technology is bringing something new to the market. We are introducing an innovative wallet concept that is revolutionary in its approach to being the most user-friendly and hassle-free wallet.

A recent US study on crypto asset storage and passwords found that almost 40% of digital currency owners have lost their passwords or crypto recovery phrases at least once. That is not surprising when most recovery options are pretty rudimentary.

With our patented UKISS Hugware™ technology, you hold both your key and the vault in your hands.

UKISS Hugware™ is an all-encompassing unique pair of personal cryptographic key management devices. It’s more than a crypto hardware wallet solution. It is also the gatekeeper of your personal data. UKISS Hugware™ is compatible with other digital wallets and over 1,000 cryptocurrencies.

Each Hugware™ solution arrives as a pair of hardware security devices. These 2 keys keep the power in your hands. An authentication key (A-Key) safeguards your crypto assets’ private keys as well as your sensitive data and documents. While a hassle-free rescue-key (R-Key) recovers your password and private keys in a breeze.

The UKISS Hugware™ technology is patented in most major markets including China, Asia Pacific, the United States & the European Union. (Patent Numbers: US9684783B2 (USA), EP2997708B1 (DE), 11201509123S (SG), ZL201480028237.9 (CN), 26635 (VN), 12025502592 (PH) and more.)

Powered by a blockchain technology stack which builds on GovTech Singapore’s Open Attestation framework, the authenticity of every UKISS Hugware™ is immutable and tamper-proof.

Each device has a unique Certificate of Authenticity issued, signed and recorded on blockchain. Upon initialization of your Hugware™, you will be able to verify the Certificate of Authenticity. And that’s how you know you have the real deal in your hands.

  • UKISS Suite Of Digital Security Applications

Our growing UKISS Suite of Applications available for subscription through payments in cash and KISS Tokens include (but not limited to):

  • U-Hide

Keep sensitive files on your computer safe from prying eyes by locking them in an encrypted folder that only you hold the key to. This is designed for safe and convenient storage of your frequently accessed documents.

  • U-Archive

Fortify your data with layers of protection. Backup or store your important files in a cloud storage that’s encrypted, concealed and only accessible by you. This way, you can ensure that your data is never left exposed online.

  • U-Guard

Our encrypted digital vault secures your password login information across apps and accounts on your devices. Generate, store and fill in your passwords in a breeze.

  • U-Protect

Let HugwareTM keep you safe. With our patented technology, safeguard all important files on your computer and protect them from the threat of ransom-ware.

  • U-Social

Protect your shared files from unauthorized parties. Send files and data to friends and colleagues across the internet and social platforms while ensuring they are only seen by intended recipients. Encrypted files remain secure even after they are downloaded and stored on the recipients’ devices. Users can expect quarterly additions to our UKISS Suite of Applications. It is an empowerment to everyone’s digital lifestyle.

  • The KISS Token & Subscription Model

Unlock a new world of data security with the KISS Token. It could just be the best kiss of your life.

KISS Tokens can be used to not only redeem the UKISS Hugware™, they can also be used to redeem annual subscriptions on our platform and unlock security services and products from our UKISS Suite of Applications and associated digital security solutions.

As of 2020, the software encryption market is valued at USD$4B and it is projected to hit a market valuation of USD$8.7B by 2025.4 (Grandview Research, 2020)

The need for digital security is soaring and UKISS is poised to capitalize on this exploding demand to propel the UKISS Ecosystem forward.

To encourage user adoption and facilitate the growth of the UKISS Ecosystem, subscription will be complimentary for the first year for a fixed number of early adopters. Subsequent renewal of annual subscription will require a nominal fee to be paid in cash or KISS Tokens.

  • Loyalty Rewards

Discounts for the subscription to UKISS Suite of Applications and associated

digital security solutions will be awarded to those who stake their KISS Tokens.

  • Shared Growth

HODLers of the KISS Token will reap the rewards of the UKISS Ecosystem’s growth as the KISS Token will become a deflationary asset for all supporters and Token holders.

  • KISS Token Utility Cycle Diagram
  • KISS Token Tokenomics

The KISS Token is a multipurpose utility token exclusive to our ecosystem. Its value grows in tandem with sales of UKISS Hugware™ and adoption of the UKISS Suite of Applications.

The KISS Token will have a fixed total supply of 100 million. We will ensure sufficient supply of KISS Tokens for staking reward and user airdrops, as well as ensuring a reasonable circulation of KISS Tokens.

But that’s not all in store. Discussions to list the UKISS Token on major cryptocurrency exchanges have already begun. We expect to be listed on

leading decentralized and centralized exchanges by early 2022.

Stay tuned to our next article where we will introduce you to our UKISS roadmap and team! For more information, please visit

Disclaimer: Future plans may vary or may not be implemented. KISS Tokens do not yield any profit or confer any right other than the ability to use KISS Tokens for UKISS transactions and affiliated products. UKISS does not guarantee any price or value in the tokens; tokens may lose value, including all of their value. UKISS does not make promises or any other form of representations of profits or gains in the KISS Token. KISS Tokens are not ‘stock’, ‘equity’, ‘shares’, or any similar instrument in any jurisdiction, and do not yield any profit or confer any right other than the ability to use KISS Tokens for UKISS-based transactions and affiliated products.

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