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I cannot connect my Hugware wallet to a dApp with WalletConnect

If you’re having issues connecting your Hugware wallet to a decentralized app (dApp), it is most likely due to the following reasons:

  1. Incomplete setup: You did not set up your wallet on UKISS Hub.
  2. Unsupported network: Hugware does not support the blockchain that your dApp is operating on.
  3. Outdated dApp: The dApp you are trying to connect to uses an outdated WalletConnect version.
  4. No Internet: You are not connected to the Internet.

What you can do:

  1. Create a wallet on UKISS Hub, add accounts and networks, and then use WalletConnect.
  2. Try a dApp that is operating on a blockchain that Hugware supports. The list of compatible chains is on the Hugware page.
  3. It is recommended that wallets and dApps stay updated with WalletConnect upgrades. Consider using a dApp that has already upgraded to the latest version.
  4. Check your internet connection and restart it if necessary. An Internet connection is required to connect your wallet to a dApp.


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