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I sent crypto to my Hugware wallet, but it is not appearing in the app.

If you have sent crypto to your Hugware wallet but it is not appearing in the app, it is most likely due to the following reasons:

Missing Wallet Data:  To display your funds correctly on the UKISS Hub app, make sure to add the relevant tokens of your assets to your wallet. Skipping this step can lead to missing wallet data, especially for tokens that are not exclusive to a specific blockchain. For instance, adding Ethereum or other networks is not enough to display your USDT token value. To do so, you must add USDT as a token as well.

Incorrect Wallet Address: Check that you have sent your crypto to the correct Hugware wallet address. Double-check the address to confirm that it matches.

Network Congestion: If the blockchain network is experiencing high traffic or congestion, it might delay the transfer of your funds. Please be patient and allow additional time for the transaction to be processed.

Transaction Failure: In rare cases, cryptocurrency transfers can fail due to technical issues or network errors. If you suspect a transaction failure, you can check the transaction hash on the blockchain explorer to verify its status.

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