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Picking cryptocurrencies for the family this Chinese New Year

The year of the tiger is here. For many married coin holders, it could be their first time sending crypto as ang bao instead of the usual fiat money wrapped in red envelopes. 

So who’s getting what this year? Should 爷爷 (grandpa) and 奶奶 (grandma) earn their first digital ingot, aka, Bitcoin? Should 弟弟 (younger brother) get a bag of SOL coins so he can buy himself a bunch of overhyped non-fungible token art? 

While these questions swirl in your mind, here’s a snapshot of some of the major cryptocurrencies from the top four exchanges, rounded up to the nearest dollar (accurate as of 9pm, Jan. 31, 2022):

Cryptocurrency Coinmarketcap Kraken Gemini
Bitcoin S$50,181 S$50,231 S$50,202 S$50,115
Ether S$3,434 S$3,437 S$3,438 S$3,425
Solana S$123 S$123 S$123 S$126
Polkadot S$24 S$24 S$24 S$24

Now back to the question. We’ve got some suggestions for you in case you’re still unsure of what coins to get for who. 


Just like gold, grandparents are precious human beings. They look over us from afar and are always prepared to give wise advice when we need it. They deserve nothing less than the top cryptocurrency in the market that many of us refer to as digital gold – Bitcoin. 

It also happens to be the priciest digital currency out there so if you’re on a budget, perhaps get 0.0088 BTC? 


Parents are the most important individuals in any person’s life. Without them, there would be no us. So how about getting some of that Bitcoin for them? If your dad is on board the cryptocurrency train and has explored the Ethereum blockchain, why not get him some Ether too. 


Your siblings are most likely aware of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. 

There are hundreds of NFT art collections out there and many more projects that are about to drop. So if your siblings are into these overhyped art – especially multicoloured avatars of monkeys – then why not get them some Ether so that they can shop on the OpenSea or LooksRare NFT marketplaces. Since emerging NFT art projects are surfacing on the Solana blockchain, you could consider getting them some Solana coins too. 


Sometimes friends are just like family. If you and your best buds are interested in cryptocurrencies, chances are you guys already have some of the major coins in your bag. So why not have some fun with other, lesser-known alternative coins or meme coins like Polkadot or Dogecoin? Of course, there are dozens of such coins out there, including Grimace Coin, which was inspired by a McDonald’s Twitter joke. Pick whatever floats your boat. 

Here’s a snapshot of rounded up ang bao rates in cryptocurrency, based on CoinMarketCap’s rates.

Ang Bao Rates Bitcoin Ether Solana Polkadot
S$58 0.0012 0.017 0.47 2.42
S$88 0.0018 0.026 0.72 3.67
S$188 0.0037 0.055 1.52 7.83
S$288 0.0057 0.081 2.34 12
S$588 0.012 0.17 4.78 24.5
S$888 0.018 0.26 7.22 37

While you’re here, we’d like to advise cryptocurrency users to protect your coins using a hardware wallet. That way, private keys are stored offline and away from the prying eyes of hackers and scammers looking to steal your funds. 

The cryptocurrency market is also unregulated, putting consumers in danger of fraud and theft without avenues for recourse. This puts you at a very risky position. 

Stay safe and secure, everyone. Happy Chinese New Year!

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