It is a Hugware-supported software that lets users encrypt multiple files into a single drive folder. Users can choose to store the encrypted folder in a local drive or in the cloud.

Those who have purchased Hugware may enjoy a two-year free subscription to U-Archive. After which, users will have to pay an annual subscription fee.
No, you will not be able to encrypt your files without Hugware.
Encrypting files into a single drive folder with U-Archive is easy. Just follow the instructions below:
  1. Launch U-Archive
  2. Connect your Authentication Key and enter PIN
  3. Click +Create Drive
  4. Name your drive and click on the arrow
  5. Click Browse Location to select the location for your drive¹
  6. Enter your desired storage size²
  7. Review drive details and click Confirm
  8. Click Add Files to start encrypting your documents and media assets. All files added to your newly created drive folder will be encrypted.

¹If you wish to store your drive folder in the cloud, make sure that you have your cloud storage set up on your desktop so that you can immediately set it as your preferred drive location.
²The minimum storage capacity is 3MB while the maximum storage capacity depends on the available disk space in your local or cloud drive.
Launch U-Archive, log in with your Hugware and toggle the switch associated with your chosen drive folder. The toggle lets you mount or dismount your drive, enabling you to open or close the drive folder respectively.
If you no longer wish to encrypt your files. Simply copy them into a separate folder on your computer or in the cloud and delete the U-Archive drive that was used for encryption.
Yes, users may connect their paired Rescue Key to access their existing drive folders. However, users cannot create new drives with the Rescue Key.

U-Archive only supports drive names that contain up to 11 English characters.