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Why is PIN Backup important, and how do I set it up?

PIN Backup is a security feature that allows users to maintain access to their keys. The backup consists of a QR code and a random character string. If users forget their PIN, they can scan the QR code or enter the character string to regain access to their Authentication Key or Rescue Key.

Security tips:

  • Do not print your backup code.
  • Users should store the backup code in a digital location that requires a login.
  • You can generate only one backup code per key.

To create a PIN Backup code, follow the instructions below.

Connect your Key

This can be the Authentication Key or the Rescue Key.

Open UKISS Hub. In Hugware Manager, select PIN Backup.

选择 “创建 PIN 备份”

Enter PIN

Download the PIN Backup code

If you are creating the code on an Android mobile phone, you can save it to your inbox by tapping the mail icon. A default mail app is required for this to work. Once you have safely stored your backup code, click or tap Complete.


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