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How to set up Hugware on macOS or Windows?

To send and receive crypto with UKISS Hugware, you need to have the UKISS Hub app. If you’re setting up on a desktop device, please ensure that it is operating on macOS 11 to 13 or Windows 10 and 11. Follow the instructions below to set up Hugware on your desktop.

Download UKISS Hub from

Check that you are downloading the correct version for your operating system.













Install UKISS Hub on your desktop

Open UKISS Hub

If you do not see the Get Started page, you are most likely on the main dashboard. From there, you can click on “Set Up New Keys” to reach the Get Started page.


















Confirm the checklist of items to initialize your Hugware

Two USB ports are required to connect the Authentication and Rescue keys simultaneously.

Connect the Authentication Key (A-Key)

Connect the Rescue Key (R-Key)

Wait for initialization to complete

Ensure that both Authentication and Rescue keys remain connected until initialization is complete.

Create PINs for Authentication Key and Rescue Key

You must remember your PINs to avoid being locked out of your keys. If you forget the Authentication Key’s PIN, you can reset it using the Rescue Key’s PIN. However, UKISS Technology cannot assist you if you have forgotten both PINs.


Initialisation complete. Please keep your Hugware keys safe and do not forget your PINs.

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