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The UKISS Hugware comes in a pair of cryptographic key devices that can be individually used to safeguard crypto wallet private keys, with one of them serving as a rescue device.

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Built to handle all your data security needs

Safeguard your coins and digital assets with a unique pair of personal cryptographic key management devices, with one of them serving as a rescue-device.

No more difficult recovery phrases

All you need is one key to encrypt all your important stuff. So kiss the string of numbers and letters goodbye, and skip the 10-step guide to securing your coins.

Guard against loss and theft

Simply use your other paired UKISS Hugware™ rescue device to reset your password or recover your private key. That's how your sleep well at night.

More than just a hardware wallet

Safeguard all your digital assets and personal data, protect your sensitive documents and store your crypto assets - use your UKISS Hugware™ however you want it.

Plug and play

Our simple, intuitive design makes digital encryption a breeze

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