UKISS Technology partners Jupyton

UKISS Technology partners Jupyton for world’s first cold wallet-centric ecosystem

We’ve pushed the envelope on crypto asset recovery procedures – now it’s time to up the ante. 

UKISS Technology is excited to officially announce our partnership with Jupyton, a Singapore-based trust and provenance engine technology company with expertise in information security, identity authentication, secure digital signing, and consent-based data sharing. 

Jupyton’s impressive capabilities and technical finesse will contribute significantly to the UKISS Decentralised Security (DecenSecurity) Ecosystem, which aims to empower cold wallet users with enhanced connectivity and verifiability in Web2 and Web3 while having full custody of their private keys, assets, and data. 

Through a simple plug-and-play process, we envision users easily connecting their Hugware® for authentication and verification for many use cases, including asset transfers, account logins, privacy-preserving KYC processes and dApp connectivity. Not to mention Hugware’s self-authenticating recovery procedure, which gives users the peace of mind they deserve when resetting forgotten passwords or restoring access to their assets. 

The ecosystem will reside on the UKISS Blockchain, which will be powered by its own digital currency, $KISS. KISS Tokens will launch next month and will serve as a utility, governance, and community token for users across the ecosystem. 

“There is no other hardware wallet in the market like Hugware, which is designed to be easy to use and safe from vulnerable cryptograms like seed phrases,” Eric Wong, Chief Operating Officer, Jupyton, says. 

“Jupyton aims to complement this innovative and cutting-edge solution for the next generation of web users with a decentralised authentication system that enables them to remain in control of their assets, data, and digital identity without involving a centralised server,” he added. 

“Our partnership with Jupyton will spur Hugware to greater heights,” says James Gan, Chief Executive Officer, UKISS Technology. “Through the UKISS DecenSecurity Ecosystem, users can maximise the capabilities of their trusted Web3 security device and remain in control of their assets and data. This proves that Hugware is more than just a cold wallet but an all-in-one gadget for secure, decentralised web connectivity.”

More on the UKISS DecenSecurity Ecosystem in our Whitepaper.