UKISS Technology Office Opening Event on July 29, 2022

UKISS Technology lands in Singapore’s ‘Silicon Valley’

It brings us great pleasure to announce that UKISS Technology has officially opened our Singapore headquarters at LaunchPad@One-North. 

We held our first gathering at the space-themed office on Friday (July 29), where we hosted Hugware demonstration sessions as well as a presentation on our future plans. 

Two successful Hugware demonstrations were held at The Reactor room as others mingled at our Refueling Station, chugging beers and engaging in thoughtful discussions about the future of cyber and decentralised security. We also set up a Hugware® sales booth at the event and are impressed by the positive response. 

UKISS Tech Director Ben Chan treated attendees to a presentation about our future plans, which include our mobile-first strategy roadmap, starting with the launch of the UKISS Wallet mobile app later this year and the KISS Token public sales launch in September. 

The UKISS Tech team is glad to be a member of One-North’s vibrant community of innovative and driven startups. It is no wonder that LaunchPad has been dubbed as Singapore’s “Silicon Valley.”

Here’s to fruitful synergies and collaborations! 🍻