UKISS Hub V2 is now available

UKISS Hub V2 is here

We’re excited to announce that the new version of UKISS Hub is now available for download!

UKISS Hub V2 comes packed with new and improved features, including EVM compatibility, which lets you send and receive assets across all EVM chains using a single Ethereum wallet address. This means less hassle managing multiple wallet addresses and compatibility with many dApps and Web3 platforms.

Plus, there’s a more user-friendly PIN reset process, a new Restore Wallet (beta) feature, Thai language support, and BitKub Chain compatibility. You can download UKISS Hub V2 for macOS 10 to 13 and Windows 10 and 11 from our website at

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

Here’s a sneak preview:

Preview of UKISS Hub V2 update on EVM-wallet compatibility

Preview of UKISS Hub V2 update on new Reset PIN flow

Preview of UKISS Hub V2 update on Thai translation availability