UKISS Hub: Hugware's Crypto & NFT Wallet App

UKISS Hub is now on Android

UKISS Hub is now available on Android! With this app, you can set up and manage your Hugware Authentication Key and Rescue Key, as well as transfer digital assets securely.

One of the most exciting features of UKISS Hub Android is U-Mint, which allows NFT projects to link NFTs to Hugware serial numbers. With just one click, U-Mint can generate an account and wallet address for secure storage of the claimed NFT. And with WalletConnect integrated into the app, you can buy, sell, swap, or play on Web3 applications and platforms without your private key ever leaving your Hugware.

Here is a sneak preview of what the app looks like:

UKISS Hub Android preview of Get Started page UKISS Hub Android preview of Hugware Manager page

UKISS Hub Android preview of Wallet pageUKISS Hub Android preview of U-Mint page


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