UKISS Technology partners Creo Engine.

Securing GameFi: UKISS Technology partners Creo Engine

UKISS Technology is thrilled to announce our partnership with blockchain-based gaming platform Creo Engine

Creo Engine is an all-in-one gaming ecosystem powered by Creo Tokens ($CREO). It provides multiple play-to-earn opportunities for gamers while also serving as a platform for developers to launch their games. Creo Engine’s own exciting games, created in-house through “Nomina Games,” include the Japanese role-playing game, “Evermore Knights,” and the adorable pet-raising simulation, “Slime Haven.” NFTs earned across the Creo ecosystem are interoperable and packed with diverse functionalities.

As part of our effort to provide decentralised security to the masses, members of the Creo community can easily secure their Creo Token with Hugware, a revolutionary and seed phrase-free crypto hardware wallet. Gamers can perform transactions on the UKISS Wallet by adding $CREO as an asset.

Look out for an exclusive Hugware designed in collaboration with Creo Engine. Stay tuned for more updates.