Paranoid Apocalyptic NFT Collection by UKISS Technology and Pras The Bandit

‘Paranoid Apocalyptic’: UKISS Technology launches first NFT collection with Pras The Bandit

UKISS Technology has joined forces with Pras The Bandit to create our first NFT collection, called “Paranoid Apocalyptic” (OPAXX).

Minted on the Polygon network, OPAXX is a collection of 99 NFTs that feature characters from a punk-inspired dystopic tale. The story centers around Isla, a punk rocker on a mission to restore a virus-ravaged world. But Isla’s journey to finding the cure is jeopardised by cold-blooded, mythical creatures known as Sir Salamander, and a deceiving half-human and half-Salamander, known as Petrus. Nevertheless, Isla is determined to complete the dangerous mission with The Hallowed Guerillas by her side. 

As we navigate the world of Web2 and Web3, each of us is in constant battle with cyber thieves and scammers, who are in many ways similar to Sir Salamander and Petrus. UKISS Technology’s Hugware® and Suite of Digital Security Applications aim to be the cure for virtual citizens seeking protection from cyber threats. The Hallowed Guerillas is similar to the UKISS Squad – a growing community of UKISS users and supporters advocating for a decentralised security future, where anyone can have autonomy over the safety and privacy of their assets and data. 

“I’m so happy to have been given 100% creative freedom in this collaboration, which is rare these days,” Pras The Bandit says about his first NFT experience. “Incorporating punk rock and punk aesthetic gives the collection a grungy and badass attitude, separating it from the pack and making them stand out, which is similar to the DNA of UKISS and Pras The Bandit.”

Each OPAXX NFT comes with a real-world benefit in the form of year-long access to U-Archive. This software lets users encrypt multiple files in a single folder with Hugware and store them in a local drive or in the cloud. The offer is only valid as a one-time redemption, and cannot be transferred or redeemed again by a subsequent NFT owner.  

About Pras The Bandit

Pras The Bandit is well versed in the art of Singaporean living. Rules. Regulations. Restrictions. But only so to better break them. Conceived in 2012 as an outlet where he gets to let loose, Pras The Bandit’s concepts and graphics present the portrait of the artist as infinitely curious, and one eager for his ballad of dissatisfaction to be heard.

View OPAXX NFTs on OpenSea.