KISS Token Update

KISS Tokens to be launched in September

UKISS Technology remains committed to growing a decentralised security ecosystem that bridges Web2 and Web3 technologies. The support that we have received from investors who believe in the potential of this ecosystem is something that we take very seriously. 

In line with our roadmap, we have already begun the initial stage of development, starting with the launch of Hugware® and the UKISS Hub software on June 20. Soon after, we will launch the UKISS Wallet on mobile and file encryption software U-Archive and U-Hide. Plenty of other launches are in store, which we will announce in due course. 

UKISS Technology looks forward to expanding the ecosystem and witnessing the growth of its digital currency, KISS tokens. Amid the uncertain bear market conditions, the timing of the KISS Token initial DEX offering (IDO) has been at the top of our minds. Following numerous internal discussions, including with our advisors and partners, we have made the calculated decision to launch KISS Tokens in late September. In our bid to balance the interests of all our investors, stakeholders, and Hugware users, we believe adjusting the launch period during an uninspiring global economy is a step in the right direction. 

“I’m heartened by the support of our investors and their belief in UKISS Technology’s mission,” James Gan, Chief Executive Officer, UKISS Technology, says. “We remain steadfast in developing and growing the UKISS Decentralised Security Ecosystem and the value of KISS tokens. Our  launchpad partners echo this sentiment and are united with us on this front.” 

We will launch KISS Tokens at US$0.25 across ScaleSwap, SafeLaunch, and TrustPad. The pre-IDO value is set at US$0.30 per token. Those who purchased the newly launched Hugware hardware wallet may continue to earn KISS tokens as reward points through their Hugware purchase or the UKISS referrals program.

Stan Stolberg, Chief Technology Officer at Scaleswap, says: “Bear market is an opportunity to focus on building really-needed and high-quality products. We support the decision of the UKISS team to postpone their public launch in favour of getting more traction till that moment and having a better start at the end.” 

The SafeLaunch team says: “Due to the uncertainty and harsh market conditions in our industry, SafeLaunch supports the hosting of the IDO on a better date, which the UKISS team will announce with due anticipation. We understand that this is in the best interest of our community as well as all UKISS key stakeholders, project growth and development.”