KISS token listing to be postponed.

KISS token listing postponed

The financial interests of our investors and shareholders are a priority to us because they represent the amount of support for UKISS Technology’s mission. It is this backing that has allowed UKISS Technology to become an operational business with ready-to-purchase products like Hugware and to kickstart developments for the UKISS decentralised security ecosystem. 

Our decision to delay the KISS token launch to September was a carefully calculated move that considered the declining market sentiments and the interests of our private and public investors. Since public sales began on Sep 30, we have been monitoring the response and studying the figures. We found the general reaction to be positive and encouraging. However, the overall performance remained far below our expectations. Even in such poor market conditions, the low buying pressure was unexpected, making it irresponsible to open KISS tokens up to a weak secondary market.

Following discussions with the team, our advisers and launchpad partners, UKISS Technology has decided not to proceed with today’s listing on PancakeSwap to safeguard prior investments. We have worked hard to make this day a reality, but we believe that going ahead with the listing would bring undesirable consequences. The support we have received from our pre-IDO investors, launchpads, and launchpad communities has been phenomenal, making it all the more crucial that we do what we can to protect their investments. 

All launchpads have been made aware of our decision, and we are grateful that they are standing with us. To the communities, we apologise for the inconvenience that this decision has caused. Details on the resumption of the KISS token listing will be announced at a later time. 

UKISS Technology prides itself on being more than a project and will continue to progress and work towards achieving our goals set out in our roadmap, including those that contribute to the continuous development of Hugware and UKISS Suite.