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I’m unable to install U-Archive. 该如何处理?

If you’re unable to install U-Archive on your device, it is most likely that:

  • Your device is not compatible.
  • You do not have administrator access to your device.
  • You did not uninstall U-Archive properly.

What you can do:

  • Install on Windows: U-Archive is only available for Windows users, so it cannot be installed on macOS or Linux operating systems. Consider installing U-Archive on a Windows computer.
  • Obtain administrator access: U-Archive requires access to your computer’s file systems to generate secure and encrypted drives. Several devices demand administrative privileges for this feature to function effectively. For your convenience, consider installing U-Archive on a device where you have administrative rights.
  • Uninstall U-Archive properly: If you are reinstalling U-Archive, we recommend that you uninstall U-Archive from your computer first. This is to make sure the software is set up correctly. Follow the steps below to uninstall.

Steps to uninstall U-Archive

  1. Uninstall Dokan Library Bundle and restart your computer
  2. Uninstall UArchive_Driver
  3. Uninstall U-Archive






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